Freight insurance

International freight transportation should be carried out in strict compliance with the legislation, regulatory legal acts and international conventions that regulate the liability of carriers. However, upon occurrence of insured events, indemnity often does not cover the full cost of the cargo. For this reason ImExPartner provides freight insurance in transportation across Russia, as well as in transportation around the world.

Conclusion of the freight insurance contract will allow to compensate for damage or loss of cargo, reducing financial losses in case of an insured event. A wide choice of leading insurance companies in Russia allows to select the optimal tariff and protect oneself from a whole number of problems.

How much does freight insurance cost in our company?

Tariffs depend on the characteristics of the cargo, the vehicle and the distance of the route.

Freight insurance in road transportation can also include forwarding of cargo, including armed forwarding. As a rule, such a service is used when valuable or hazardous cargoes are transported. This allows to ensure safety and security of delivery of especially valuable cargo.

Freight insurance in Russia will allow to save financial resources and to avoid contingent consequences and expenses.

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