Raw materials and supplies

Imported raw materials and supplies are one of the important constituents of most Russian manufacturing companies, the timely delivery of which plays a great role.

ImExPartner will deliver raw materials and structural materials accurately in time, irrespective of the complexity of the set tasks. We are pleased to provide the following to you:

  • transportation of hazardous cargoes with observation of temperature conditions;
  • transportation of safe liquids and foodstuffs with the help of flexi-tanks;
  • delivery of bulk liquids in container tanks and IBC containers, as well as dry bulk chemicals in silo-tanks and octabins.

sir'eThe production of raw materials and supplies is subject to price instability. For this reason, the boundaries of search for suppliers have to be expanded, which sometimes leads to transportation of cargo from the farthest corners of the world.

Many years’ experience of ImExPartner transport company allows us to deliver chemical raw materials and supplies in accordance with the established regulations and requirements of the legislation of different countries. Logistics has a significant impact on the cost of this product. For this reason, we have developed the optimal terms and conditions of cooperation and are ready to offer the most beneficial tariffs.

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