Processing industry

Branches of the processing industries have at all times been a segment of the economy of great special economic importance for any state. Machine-building, metalworking, metallurgical, chemical, woodworking, as well as light and food industry enterprises gladden with their opportunities.

Logistics and transportation costs leave an indelible mark on their cost. That is why it is so important to have partnership relations with a reliable and approved transport service provider. Besides, long-term cooperation affects the flexibility of the payment system and the reduction of prices due to discounts.

Most of the processing industry is cooperated in the central part of Russia. This region is notable for the increased interest of investors and zero customs duty on a whole range of the goods. Besides, an active modernization of equipment takes place here, which certainly requires interference of transport companies.

ImExPartner has a large base of regular customers in the mining and processing industries and a whole range of successfully implemented projects in delivery and customs clearance of various cargoes.

The problems of the processing industry depend mainly on the quality of work of all the processes and fulfillment of the set tasks. For this it is necessary to select reliable contractors, for example, a transport company already at the initial stage.

Transportation for the processing industry with our company has the following peculiarities:

  • thorough work with contracts and technical documentation;
  • lots of places of loading; receipt of cargoes at different periods of time;
  • classification of the goods for the Federal Customs Service;
  • permits for transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Referring to ImExPartner, you will get a lot of solutions for transportation of your cargoes:

  • urgent delivery by aircraft;
  • shipping by sea containers;
  • customs clearance at airports within the shortest possible time;
  • mixed consignments by road transport and other types of vehicles.
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