Mining equipment

Historically, the process of mining makes a special contribution to the economic situation of the Russian Federation. This has a positive effect on the development of the industry in the country. The unique reserve of natural resources not only led Russia to the leaders of world ratings, but also fixed it there for a long time.

In order to maintain this status at a high level, it is required to revamp production equipment and technology permanently, to expand the fleet of equipment, to improve the process of implementation of the set tasks and to reduce the period of their implementation. Logistics plays an important role in this regard.


ImExPartner will promptly deliver mining equipment anywhere in the world at the most beneficial tariffs exactly in time. We transport crepes, tunneling machines, excavators and mine dump trucks, as well as any other oversized equipment to the most remote fields of the country. Production of mining equipment today is simply inconceivable and impresses with its power and variety of possible solutions.

Our company has all the necessary resources and knowledge in the field of logistics to ensure fulfillment of even the most difficult tasks in this area. Specialists of our company will determine the optimal transportation route, develop the scheme of loading and fastening, carry out customs clearance and insurance of cargoes within the shortest possible time without compromising the quality.

Today, mining equipment enterprises provide a wide range of heavy and multi-task specialized equipment, allowing to solve the most complex projects. We will easily deliver it to the specified place in compliance with all necessary transportation requirements and regulations.


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